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A propos de Monaco

A sovereign state, the Principality of Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world and one of the most successful in the same time. It has an excellent reputation all around the world.

The Mediterranean climate makes Monaco a prestigious site, where life is pleasant throughout the seasons.

It should be noted that it will take you less than an hour to get to the Southern Alps ski resorts!

La langue officielle est le français. L’anglais, l'italien, et le russe sont aussi couramment pratiqués.

Sports calendar is not an exception: the leading events such as the Monte Carlo Rally, the F1 Grand Prix, the Tennis Masters Series, the Hercules Athletics Meeting or the International Swimming Meeting are always reviewed by international Medias.

The Monegasque economy is dynamic and forward-looking due to the policy of S.A.S., Prince Albert II of Monaco and the government.


The Principality of Monaco offers to investors, entrepreneurs and extraordinary residents a safe environment where they can make their best with exceptional environment and attractive tax conditions:

  • No income tax - with the exception of French and American residents;
  • No property tax or housing tax;
  • No business tax;
  • No income tax for companies that generate more than 75% of their turnover in the Principality;
  • The same VAT rate of 19.6%, or 5.5%, as in the customs union between France and Monaco.


Monegasque residents can send their children to different schools. 
The curriculum and diploma are the same as in France. The success rate of the French baccalaureate is nearly 90%.

The Department of Police of Monaco is the most efficient in Europe.

As indicated by a large jeweler in Monaco: "Ornaments of the greatest jewelers are made to be worn, even in the street, and not be left in the strongbox. Such situation is possible only in Monaco'

The Government of Principality gives great importance to the quality of its medical equipment:

  • The Princess Grace Hospital is equipped with all up to date medical equipment (CT, MRI, X-ray ...)
  • In the Cardiothoracic Centre it is possible to treat breast and cardiovascular diseases.
  • The Hemodialysis Center that was inaugurated in 1989, allows safe treating of kidney failures.


These aspects give Monaco residents a very particular lifestyle and a way of life which is quite unprecedented and probably unique in the modern world.